Music to your ears

Well the wait is finally over! Following months of hard work the music room is now complete. It's a fully equipped rehearsal space complete with Vocal booth, electric keyboards, acoustic and electric drum kit, and an assortment of instruments. The room has been purpose built to improve the quality of sound through the use of soundproof walls and acoustic panels.

Music sessions will be held throughout the week offering the opportunity to learn to play an instrument, play together as a group, or practice your vocals.

Music has great benefits on your mental health, helping to reduce stress, aid relaxation, and elevate your mood and motivation.

The first session has already taken place this week, with 3 of our students recording a track. We hope to post a clip very soon.

The room will also be available to hire for practice sessions, both during the day and on an evening.

If you are interesting in hiring the room, being part of a music group, or learning to play an instrument, please go to our contact page.


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