It's a brave new world out there!!!

Hi All

We know its been a difficult past few months. The gardens looking lovely and the house has never been so clean! But by now, as we are, your all starting to climb the walls. Never again will we take for granted how precious social contact is. The good news is that our efforts have started to pay off. We are beating the virus!

No one knows when life as we knew will be back to normal; However what we do know is that we need to start and try rebuild it.

As such The Gift People will be re-opening in July!!!!!

We want to reassure all our members that we will be taking every measure possible to make sure we keep you, and our staff safe.

This will include:

Limiting access to only our members.

Sanitiser stations.

Routinely cleaning all contact areas.

Social distance eating areas.

And as before, small groups of no more than 5 people.

Our workrooms are spacious and have very high ceilings, which is hugely beneficial in reducing the potential spread of the virus.

We can't wait to welcome you all back, we really have missed you.

You'll be hearing from us very soon, but until then please keep safe.


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