Hands up who's excited?

The time is finally here. The Gift People are officially opening their doors and welcoming back students and staff.

That was some year, lockdown loco, but on 8th March, we will once again see our friends.

No more Jeremy Kyle, no more onesie, it's time to get dressed, comb that bushy hair, and get ready for some serious fun!

We've made sure that everything is in place to keep you safe, and we're proud to say that thanks to the amazing efforts of our NHS heroes, all of our students and staff have now received their first vaccinations.

At this stage we will just been running a limited service with only 9 places, but as the restrictions lift, we will slowly introduce more places. And dare we say it, just maybe we will once again look forward to planning our trips.

We're ready and waiting, see you soon.


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