The Gift People offer a wide range of activities designed to occupy and interest all who attend our daytime service. With our client base having a wide range of abilities and needs we have designed the activities we provide in a way as to be all inclusive where possible.

Our Walking groups provide both exercise and education in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside.

The Art and Craft area is a busy place with all who attend involved in producing fine creative works of art.

The spacious Woodwork shop is a hive of activity with products both large and small produced on a daily basis.

We have seven Computers with five in the dedicated computer area and a two set aside to support Art and Craft.

At The Gift People our kitchen area is used by different people on a daily basis to practice and enjoy the art of cooking and baking.

We don't have a traditional garden however we have an outside seating area where we have a variety of planters with small shrubs and flowers.

A Thursday afternoon session provided to help some of our less active people in their quest to Keep Fit.



for adults with disabilities