About us

So who are we?

We're a group of creative thinking individuals who share a passion for inspiring others.

Each of our dedicated instructors are specialists in their subject, which means that they are able to provide the best possible support. They bring a wealth of knowledge and with this an understanding of how best to keep you motivated. 


And what do we do?

We run a range of engaging workshops for adults with learning disabilities. Our workshops support the development of independence and work related skills, whilst helping to build self-confidence.


We provide the opportunity to meet friend's and share experiences, in a fun and relaxed environment.

We provide activities that help to keep fit and active, and improve your emotional health and wellbeing. 

Our groups are small, friendly, and fun!

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David Hill

Managing Director

He's the man in the office. 

He specialises in doing boring paperwork! and arranging great outings!

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They're the talented ones!

They specialise in making sure you have a great experience!

The Team

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Gareth McKenzie

Managing Director

He's the creative one!

He specialises in 

Woodwork and Music


for adults with disabilities